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SindySnap 3

Nostalgic fun with childhood toys, set in the early 70s – meet Sindy, Barry, Burt and Barbie


New Beginnings ~ a Phoenix is Born

If you’ve arrived here to find the SindySnap stories try clicking the ‘Blog’ choice from the drop down menu, this should lead you to all the stories on this site starting with the final one posted before running out of free WordPress memory space. The last story called ‘Bank Holiday Madness’ concludes in ‘Bank Holiday…

Bank Holiday Madness

The weather forecast was favourable as Barry arrived early to collect Sindy for their Bank Holiday bike trip to the seaside, she was a bit surprised to see his brother Nev tagging along to. No she didn’t think it was much fun to be loudly followed most of the way, she gave Nev her special…

Sofa Soirée

Barbie was holding a special Bank Holiday Soirée, mainly to show off her recently decorated living room in which she had adorned with her favourite colour of pale pink with accents of silver (she thought gold would be far too common and brassy) The bespoke sofa was her pride and joy as no one else…